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  White Paper: "Funding The Future"

The R&D Funding Gap that Looms Ahead for the
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Companies

Ron Leckie was commissioned by SEMI in 2005 to research and write a White Paper to assesses the strategic challenges for the equipment and materials industries posed by the technology roadmap, implications of continued gross margin pressure on R&D budgets, and the resulting R&D funding gap. This paper has been published and is publicly available at the SEMI website.

The paper describes the research, analysis, conclusions and recommendations. However, it can only scratch the surface of the many insights gained during the research. Ron is available for public and private presentations to elaborate on the various findings and their implications for different industry segments. He can answer specific questions from the audience or, for private presentations to Board Meetings, Executive Offsites or Sales Meetings, he can tailor the presentation to focus on areas of particular interest. Consultations are also available to help apply this insight to strategic planning.

To invite Ron to address your conference or company with his insights behind the White Paper, please contact him via telephone on +1-408-255-0853 or via email to
To download a copy of the white paper, please click here. (260kB PDF file)
To download a copy of the original 10/18/05 webcast presentation, please click here. (1MB PDF file)
To download a copy of the presentation updated and presented at ISS Europe on 02/13/06, please click here. (600KB PDF file)
To view a webcast of the initial release of the White Paper, please click here. This webcast, held on October 18, 2005, includes a brief presentation on the paper as well as a panel discussion moderated by Stan Myers, CEO of SEMI.
Panelists included:
Ron Leckie, President, INFRASTRUCTURE Advisors
George Scalise, President, Semiconductor Industry Association
Pat Lamey, Senior Director, Strategic Programs, Applied Materials
Doug Neugold, President & CEO, ATMI