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The Explosive NAND Flash Market: Intense Competition and Technology (June, 2006)

"Explosive" is the best word I could think of to describe a market that has experienced an enormous 250% bit growth (CAGR) from 2000 through 2005. In that same timeframe, total NAND revenues grew at an 80% CAGR. This is strong, even for such emerging markets, and it will naturally slow as the markets mature. However, Semico Research forecasts that the bit demand for these chips will continue to grow at an amazing 150% CAGR and a very healthy 36% revenue growth through 2010.

I have just jointly published a report on this topic with Jim Handy of Semico Research, Inc. and we are pleased to be able to offer it now. This report contains market data and forecasts, competitive analysis of the NAND suppliers, discussions of the market segments / opportunities for NAND, brief descriptions of the core technologies (Flash, NAND, SLC, MLC, Mirrorbit, NROM, etc.), and finally a high-level review of the IP and patent complexities surrounding NAND.

This report will help both technolgists familiar with the subject as well as non-technologists who seek a better understanding of the technology and markets. At the expert level, the report contains such elements as market forecasts, application trends and barriers and competitive SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analyses. For the relative novice, it includes, for example, simple explanations of the flash memory cell, NAND versus NOR, single- versus multi-level cells, applications drivers, and market trends.

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